Chinese Language Teaching and Learning Materials

The .pdf files below are prepared to enable students and teachers to conveniently and inexpensively print out double-sided flashcard sheets on cardstock.

The following files were made using Word XP and the Microsoft (free) Input Method Editor (IME) for Simplified Chinese.  The tone marks were derived from the Insert>Symbol pull-down menu.  The .pdf files are made using Primopdf (a free program) while utilizing the Zoom feature found on Microsoft Word just above the print button in the print menu.  The lower right hand box on the print screen menu is titled "Zoom" and asks "pages per sheet."  The .pdf flashcard files below are based upon 16 flashcards per 8.5 x 11 page.

In case you wish to produce more cards or of different sizes, you may wish to use the one Word file provided as a simple, get-you-started template.   To help in organizing these files which tend to grow rather large, you may want to click on View>Zoom.  There you should choose a number around 10% in order that exactly 8 columns of pages appear on your monitor.  This lets you quickly know if you have created one too many or one too few pages.

1.  Click here for a 5 page complete Pinyin pronunciation guide for Mandarin Chinese

2.  Click here to download or open a .pdf file for 16 sets of 115 Simplified Chinese character flashcards.

3.  Click here to download or open a .pdf file for one individual set of 48 Simplified Chinese character flashcards.

4.  Click here for 38 large (8.5 x 11) color-coded characters suitable for transparencies or magnetic sheets.

5.  Click here for a Microsoft Word file that may help you to make your own flashcards.

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